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Hi, we're VIP Bee Rescue. A bee removal team from Richardson Texas. We remove and relocate bees from anywhere they can get into. We service RichardsonDallas-Fort Worth, Houston & Austin

Bees are able to live in many environments, with vegetation and water bees are able to live and withstand harsh environments. Parks are perfect example real estate of what bees like. If your day is interrupted by some buzzing bees nearby should you mess with them? 

Where could they be coming from? Who do you call? 

If you're a park and happen to see a large bee hive call the city first. If someone is being injured by bees and needs medical attention call 9-1-1. If a resident has bees in their yard advise them VIP Bee Rescue is able to safely remove and relocate bees. Let our parks bee bee free while allowing them to thrive in local apiary's or Forrest.

Richardson has plenty of parks to enjoy year round, from the Cottonwood Park to the Berkner Park.

There is always so much to do outdoors. Walking your dogs or going for a walk see a list of Richardson

parks Here.

Did you know when a bee stings, they emit a chemical pheromone to signal the attack to the rest of the colony which commonly results in numerous stings.  Bees are largest killer of humans in the U.S. directly caused by animals.  That's 40-60 people annually with those numbers increasing year after year. Because of the wild behavior bees have, it's always best to call professionals.

Bee Removal is no easy task, leave it up to the pros at VIP Bee Rescue to provide you peace of mind. After a Bee Removal skilled carpenters reassemble the area that was deconstructed to remove the bee colony living inside. The honey bees are humanly handled during removal and relocated to a local apiary or released West of North Texas. Richardson and Surrounding Areas are lucky to have bee colonies throughout. It may be unlucky to have bees in your homes attic, soffit or shed. Wherever the bees are we have seen it almost all, swarms on your beloved bird-box or on your 40ft tree.  Don't hesitate to Contact Us for the VIP Treatment, we offers removals below competitors rates and warranty our work for 1 YEAR from date of removal. 

 "Don't get stung, call VIP to get it done!"


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